Aiki Trend 2013

by Anne Marie Crisanto Ruschel

As this year already starts full speed I wanted to once again thank all our Aiki Trend followers and clients, friends and collaborators for 2012. All these people are our motivation for Aiki Trend, as much as my Aikido practice motivates me to continue in this path of  self-observance. Aikido has opened many wonderful doors and opportunities in my life, but the main motivating factor are the Aikido people I engage with, their experiences and their stories which I feed off from. Aikido has given drive and meaning to my way of living in this endless pursuit which is Aikdo.

This year AT is full of surprises: new designs, new models and ideas that we have tailored for our brand. Our new models for this year are Cindy and Nathalie from New York Aikikai

We will soon launch Aiki Trend collection "Noir " with a new feel to our pieces. Once again we are trying to capture the shape, movement and form of the art we so much love. We have chosen new collaborators and designers for the image of our brand. One of our collaborators this year will be Aleksey Nuzhnov who is photographing our beautiful models, our unique pieces and our Aikido practices as well. He has been supporting our project as much as we are supporting his. I would like to recommend this version of the clip Drift, his interpretation on Aikido practice and its philosophy. 


Vimeo page:

Please enjoy the beauty of his art; we are lucky enough to have him support us this year, so keep us in mind for what is soon to come.
Thank you all again!

Aiki Trend