Collection Noir for Aiki Trend

by Anne Marie Crisanto Ruschel

This new jewelry Collection Noir launched by Aiki Trend encompasses novel creative possibilities of beauty and personal wear with our new pendants, bracelets, rings and more, made to mix and match with our classical Aikido and Iaido trademark pieces. Anne Marie Crisanto-Ruschel, the inspiring force behind the brand, has brought her experience and passion as an avid Aikido practitioner and movement specialist, to bring new designs for Aiki Trend. She has created a collection in strong colours and tones reminiscent of a burnt or "aged feel" to these unique silver pieces. This season we also have items in a gold plated finish.

Anne Marie's jewelry statement is to be orginal, simple and classy at the same time; with pieces that can be dressed up or down, they will always include a feel of circularity, one of the moving forces of the art we so much love. Our new Collection Noir will be launched this coming month of June, full of new colourful surprises for this summer 2013 and provocative interviews. 

Please stay in touch and follow us this rest of the year to come!

Aiki Trend