Aiki Trend was launched in 2010 by Aikidoka for fellow Aikido practitioners who are as passionate as we are about this martial Art. Our goal is to share the beauty of Aikido in an innovative way, offering our fellow practitioners a tasteful and elegant way of expressing their love for this art. Through the refinement of our pieces, we aim at capturing the essence of Aikido and our passion for this practice. We sincerely wish to transmit the beauty of Aikido through our hand-made creations done by skillful craftsmen. Our pendants and jewelry are inspired by Aikido – a martial art that fosters peace, love and harmony. Aiki Trend works with the world’s finest metals of South America, mainly with 925 and 950 traditionally crafted Peruvian silver.



Anne Marie practicing Aikido                                                                                       © Pedro Aoqui

Anne Marie Crisanto-Ruschel started training Aikido in 1999 while she was a dancer at the Mimi Garrard Dance Company of Soho in New York. Motivated to look for new styles of movement, she found Aikido at the US Aikido Headquarters in New York, under the direction of Yoshimitsu Yamada 8th dan - direct student of O’Sensei. Since then she has remained a disciple of Yamada Sensei until today, and has been fortunate enough to travel around the world with him to train with world class Aikido practitioners at seminars worldwide.  In 2006 Anne Marie moved to Montreal, Canada, where she continued her Aikido training at Aikido de la Montagne under the direction of Claude Berthiaume, 7th dan, disciple of the late Mitsunari Kanai Sensei. 

Anne Marie’s passion for Aikido, movement and art have now come together in Aiki Trend, which has become a motivating medium for expressing the beauty of this practice.

Anne Marie has recently moved to Brazil where she wishes to keep evolving through her Aikido practice, and also carry on developing Aiki Trend so that it continues to reflect the beauty and essence behind this profound martial art.