Silver Iaido Pendant

  • Iaido is the Japanese martial art that is most closely associated with the samurai class and Japanese nobility. Iaido, representing the art of the sword, is reproduced in this silver Iaido kanji pendant. The term 'iaido' approximately translates into English as 'the way of mental presence and immediate reaction'. 

    This piece of Iaido jewelry has been made by our skilled craftsmen exclusively for Aiki Trend. This stunning silver Iaido pendant with a round hook is a show stopper. The polished shine it has and the marvelous quality of the 925 silver we use in our Aiki Trend products reflects the love we have for these pieces.


    • Material: 925 silver
    • Colour:  silver
    • Finish: Polished
    • Weight: 5 grms.
    • Measurements: 3.5 cms