Mitsudomoe Tsuba Black & White


    This version our new Mitsudomoe tsuba pendant is inspired in the Azuchi-Momoyama period/16th century, an original piece from the Tokyo National Museum. Aiki Trend has taken the freedom to recreate this handguard capturing the duality of beauty in this black and white version. In this double layered tsuba Aiki Trend represents the positive and negative energies, the continued movement of these two energies combined.

    Polished and oxidized in a patina silver finish, this double tsuba pendant is unique and exclusive for Aiki Trend. Created with top quality silver and inspired in the Japanese family crest of the weapons and the Samurai culture. 

    Limited quantities available.


    If interested in single versions ( either polished or noir ) please contact us directly at:



    Material: 950 silver